Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another Summer Without Sun

"Another Summer Without Sun"
Written by Ootz ft Tumi, Lebo Mochudi & Reason Produced by Ootz
The POWA Mixtape

Reason Hook:

Yet another summer without sun/
But another brother that sounds dumb/
It's a circus when Im around coz/
Ringmaster here to whip cats that clowned him/


- 1st of all please pardon my speech/
- Honest and brief is a part of my speech/
I’m called an Honor to peeps for being a cause to the Beats/
They on some fuck that shit like a sodomy piece/

- Cause I never wear Shades I don't need/
And I don't kick it with the best like Thierry Henry/
- I don't believe in being biggest or richest M.C./
But I believe in being the realest one to get an M-3/

- Buckets seats for my seeds/
*&on my idi amin, killing cats for think Im weak/
Fuck a flow I got seas about the 3 size of me’s/
Which means, I cause the same damage Tokoyos seen/

So I’m never stressin’ the beats but I just rest on it sweet/
I Got words banging ya head like a wrestlers tweet/
Tighter than a very thick chick fit in them jeans/
That why the best in the scene call me the best you never seen/

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