Monday, 20 June 2011

Bambezela Remix

"Bambezela (Instro Remix)"
Written by Reason Produced by Instro

Verse 1:

I’m from a land of survivors, riders and ametuer flyers/
Strivina rise to the skys/ and grab on whatever surfices/
It seems whatever the prize is, we wanna gamble and try it/
And if manage to buy it better be damned we goned flaunt it/

Some of them drawn to a spirit of hearin God in these lyrics/
Tryina bring forth to the critics that this aint normal to live in/
Try to  walk but we slipping… and I am often a victim/
Of hearing problems of  people who keep on pourin and sinkin/

Said inyuku nespaan sbali ang’cavi kanjani/
magriz al’phela anga khali ngapa ne maidi asacwali/
kodwa ngenzeni kumdali I looked him back with worry/
And said ntwan une s'khati, phesist ungazi beki phantshi/
Bambezela Lova

God didn’t bring the far to leave me standing on my own/
Coz I’m never alone, I’m never alone/ X2

That’s why I walk right/
I speack Right, I do Right/
Gotta stay true to me/

Verse 2:

I’m from a land o’ the dreamers, where we are branded and deemed as/
As nothing but under achievers, bragging and dragging ‘em beamers/
Lead to believe we not leaders/ yet they perceive as leaders/
in HIV cause we freaking,  just -  like we see  on the TV/

Yet we can see it like Stevie/ but we got nothina loose/
Feelin like reason is my Avatar exposin to the truth/
I’m blowin holes the roof/ tryina bring hope to the youth/
Tryina bring peace ya sisters feelin like hoes they youth/

Said ungaz’ubabuz k’phela, isghela bengis galela/
iNdlela bezing' valela, nom’twana uvele wa vela/
Iphupho nalo la phela, I looked her back nginhleka/
Ngamfundisa uk'bambezela... sthandwa mamela/

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