Monday, 20 June 2011

Popular Demand (Clipse Remix)

"Popular Demand (Clipse Remix)"
Written by Reason Produced by Pharrel
l Williams
Motif Records

And that's the only pop that I demand/
So Pop the toaster in, I brought the T with Proper Jams/
Popping in & cock blocking em for clockin in/
The weakest flows Ive ever seen since emarentia dam/

Im going in! without a drizzy pause on any end/
Burning my xmas trees untill my presents glow again/
Oh I am... what you been aching for, call me the asprin,
That's been, dropping shit ev-erywhere like my ass squint/

- Hero with many credible actions/
- if I was acting Id have incredible ass kicks/
And back spins... I switch styles like an ass when,
Its tapped from the front to the back like them actors/ Im That Sick...

I stretched myself like elastic/
Coz cats think since I aint cashless I aint as drastik/
You bastards... Thinkin that silence is for the has beens/
You know you Aint Man enough for me like Tony Braxton/

People ask if I will ever rise above this swag shit/
To me that's like askin if the slave sweats the master/
Reason is the massacre, sharp villain through Africa/
Im Leaving dead bodies on the streets to school characters/

- Tha's dedicated to you with shady passages/
Always tryina brag to us bout chicks, money and cameras/
Fagot homey that was just a piece, of what the package is/
ill keep bringin the heat untill the fans keep demanding us/

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