Monday, 20 June 2011

Selfish Politics (Slum Village Remix)

"Selfish Politics" (Slum Village Remix)
Written by Reason Produced by Kanye West

They said: Vote for me, vote for us/
Vote for a better life and for the party you trust/
Vote for jobs, health care and poverty cuts/
But 5 years from now, we’ll still be voting for such/

- They promise people alotta relevant things/
Stressin that things - will be better if veterans win/
But then in the end, the government’ll battle again/
Coz they plannina win your votes with celebrity spins/

(Ha!) -and that ‘s what breaks my heart now/
pops fought for a freedom he ain’t felt since he got out/
Raising us now, seems harder coz he got out/
To see cats he ran with, snatch water from dry mouths /

-But wait! Let’s take some time out/
And give props to everything the governments piled out/
Child support grants, power cuts and how bout’/
Fake ass condoms and some 45 houses/

-Ok! Maybe 45 thousand/
In 4 to 5 towns, you can afford with 5 000/
the force of 5000/ shouting!
Fuck the Gautrain/ we got falling down, falsified house/

-And then u tell me vote for ya!
Vote Zille, vote Lektota, vote Zuma/
Vote coz it’s what we fought for and “vote coz ahhh…/
…If you vote for me, I’ll rob and not kill ‘em”/

So I say - Fuck the government!
Fuck whoever’s the cause informal settlements/
The devil is runnin this city metro police/
And all we gotta show for it, is ink on thumb on ya shit/

-Thinking I’m dumb and shit!
After 2010 we might be where Zimbabwe is/
-And you’ll also be laughing in ‘em garden chairs/
Sippin on them cheers, drowning in ya selfish

Hook x4
Politician’s is selfish/
Ya wannit to ya’self you can’t help it/


Written: Reason
Album: “WenzTheAlbumCuminOut?Mixtape” (2009)

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