Monday, 20 June 2011

Truth Be Told

"Truth Be Told"
Written by Reason & Tumelo Produced by Battlekat

Reason Verse :

South Africa wake up and see what I see with my eyes/
The pure lies of your lies, of your lies, that up rise/
And surface, In my rhyme schemes, pipe dreams rush to yours minds/
Sniffed with American Swiss cards line after line and I try…/

Turn a blind eye half of the time/
But the other half sees cries of children inside wombs
Of mothers that smoke fumes of pollution and i/
Can’t help but cry when I ask myself but why?/

Why little girls are wearing miniskirts at school/
At 16 years of age it seems dirt looks cool/
It hurts to view publications that hurt the youth/
Long fleshy legs, slim figured and tall is what pervert’s choose/

Like front cover that these black kids duplicate/
Pills to loose the weight, and all the surgeries to loose the face/
It’s not right, people died for useless mistakes/
Kids giving birth to kids, coz nobody chooses to wait/

15 years of freedom in the nation/
And kids are still walking barefooted for a feeble education/
Officials rob the nation taking our financial basics/
The country messed up and all I really gotta say is…

Chorus: X4

Truth be told! The ghetto ain’t cool nomore!
We in a system where you don’t really choose nomore!
Money’s about status not about food nomore!
Take a good look, it ain’t about you nomore!

Genocide Verse:

Truth is, our souls are fabricated/
And our minds are not elevated/
We try to walk but we faint/
A lost people yearnings for a better day/

No love! We don’t care!
We strive to see a brighter day/
We lie to ourselves and say it’s okay/

Truth is, that we were meant to be A
better people (better people)
Chosen for a (better life)
Greater people (better people)
A people of truth!

Promised forever more! Forever more x 8

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