Wednesday, 20 July 2011

We Will Rise!

"We Will Rise"
Written by Reason ft Promiseland The Band Produced by Instro

Verse 1
This is…
A beautiful song with beautiful words for beautiful souls and all/ a beautiful rhyme, a beautiful thought, a beautiful voice and chorus/ a beautiful heart performs it/ for beautiful minds who want it/ and different type of beautiful people feel it inside evolving/

to beautiful times and moments/ with beautiful sky’s above them/ as beautiful birds, and beautiful trees just beautifully rise around them/ the beautiful sun that crowns them/ just beautifully shines around them/ and even when nights thats darkening life/ this be gone the light to spark it/

a beautiful sound that’s holding it down for people around/ is on us!/ on beautiful ground we stepping around/ kicking that beautiful raw dust/ we be those beautiful artist/ that always’ll beautifully craft it/ for beautiful worlds all over the globe/ commission the beautiful force that/

Choruse: X 2
No matter what they say X 2

 verse 2
- we will rise as beautiful kinds, with beautiful eyes that can dream/ of beautiful colors, on beautiful skin that live in a beautiful country/ of beautiful joy and beautiful pain, this beautiful place is my piece/ of beautiful life, cause even inside its pretty much right where I breathe/

it’s standing here right beside me, going through mics to find thee/ the beautiful and divine being/ in the critical, shrine of my speech/ with lyrics designed, to sort of define the order of God in my reach/ to beautifully vibe, with beautiful rhymes and a beautiful band behind me/

the promised land that’s beautiful now, was beautiful then when we prayed/ when beautiful martin Luther beautifully sparked the youth to be kings/ to seek things and be things, -in the last beautiful beatings/ so greetings from these king and this queen believeing

Choruse: X 2
No matter what they say X 2
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  1. 'Sup bro,

    Trust you doin' well. Just came across this track on Instro's soundcloud, gotta say lovely stuff hey, awesomely done with the band 'n er'thin. Nway keep doin' your thing bro, jus' thought I'd show some love. Maintain the reasoning in the rhymes.

    Mad props,