Wednesday, 31 July 2013

"The August Freestyle" Written by Reason Produced by Instro

*intro speech*

...So August is here/ 
The beamer didn't make it, but the offer was there/ 
And considering my year, I could've bought it in Jan/ 
But considering my career I would've lost it again/

To be real, I'm not ready to be caught in a "BM"/ 
'Cause being able to keep it is like another "BM"/ 
And I ain't finna be him who balls when u see him/ 
Behind the scenes he is borrowin' every weekend/

Seems when I said that I'd "get it by next august"/ 
They forgot the part about being "a kid who takes chances"/  
And ofcourse I feel awful I never got it/ 
But on the contrary I'm just happy I can afford it/

I just wanna cop it with a much clearer conscience/ 
'Cause now even SARS is standing outside the doorstep/ 
Asking me wha's up, 'cause they thought I was jobless/ 
And now I'm making waaay more money than my job did/

I mean ya boy jus'/ got an apartment up in northcliff/ 
And opted for more bird sound over taxi noises/ 
Now every morning I'm yawing to white people joggin/ 
As I wake and bake to a view of vodacom on ponte/

Hope I don't sound like I'm all cheques/ 
'cause I am not yet, just doing better than most cats/ 
Some of us aint even got a ride to cross at/
'Cause being a musician got its own kinda bullshit/

I'm just Tryina get that Teargas money/
That water in ya eyes when I get gassed money/ 
That Khuli Chana 7clippa a full tank money/ 
Tumi in a Range' in 07 with just raps money/

I used to want that JR money!
but JR told me brother rather u save your money 
and don't waste it! just make way more money/ 
because that 320i is gonna take your money/

And so... I'm tryina fill up my pockets/
Money talking with ex managers of fellow artists/ 
Calculating the costs, of my entrepreneurship/ 
If it works s*** I can get 2 cars by next August/

So yes! I am still gone cop it/ 
Matter of fact, I think I deserve to be sponsored/ 
So all manufactures should gimme a call quick/ 
Whatever car I get, I'll make cooler frost is!

I can't believe I wrote a verse about all this/ 
Should've recorded a song or rehearsed a performance/ 
And plus I got another banging album to drop cause/ 
If not then I'm screwed, like the GS in that in office/

I guess its back to my daddy car swag/
Cheap travels and oblivion to being car jacked/ 
I don't mind, it keeps me humble from being all gassed/ 
So no stress as long as my heart says... 
*Thula Sizwe!!!!!!!*

*closing speech*


  1. Hello - like your blog name :) Did you ever blog on Letterdash? I was Rhymes'nReason on there - it's a good name for anyone who thinks and rhymes.

  2. Ok, I'm loving this freestyle! loving your Audio3D album as well, so much substance. I bought it off iTunes and it's my workout album at gym :-)