Monday, 30 December 2013

"The December Freestyle" Written By Reason Produced By Instro

Verse 1: 
Everyone told me to write a Mandela verse/ 
Like how do describe that losing Mandela hurts/ 
Had a show on Vilakazi when Kienern tweeted it first/ 
But my twitter brain still waited for Seez to confirm it/

He said it wasn't true, but then later we got the word/ 
That we just lost the last giant to ever walk on this earth/ 
I hit the club later that night, but that didn't work/ 
You know it sucks when the party don't jump right after that "worst"/

- Later had a chat with dimples briefly/
Homey told me he was shocked cause he couldn't believe it/ 
I was pretty confused cause we knew Mandela been sick/ 
But what he said after is what made me see that he means it!

Homey got see him, in fact he got meet him/
That morning he remembered that and the story he tweeted/ 
So then I realized how he sees it/ 
Imagine randomly talking bout someone and then later their deceased, s***/


Verse 2:
S***! That kinda took me back to my son/ 
Cause I was tripping bout his life that morning that he'd be gone/
Talking bout how sick he was, and there's much to done/
I wish I had all this success before his sickness begun/

But it was late! however the point I'm tryina make/ 
I can't tribute to Mandela without tributing Obakeng/ 
The album is almost done with one more song to make/ 
Dedicated to His (Obakeng) greatness and all that he taught me/

I had a great year but it was shitty in the same/ 
One of my friends died without fucken explanation/ 
Too many speculations the Ortopsy aint relating/ 
Now the family hates his friends cause nobody wants to say s***/

Starring at his coffin as the sand was tossed away/ 
I cried tears of anger salted up with dashes of pain/ 
On some f*** was going when you died on'at day/ 
I saw the same question on his moms eyes and I prayed/


Verse 3:
So i prayed... dear Lord please take all of her sorrows away/
Please help his siblings and his son to grow and maintain/ 
Let us learn from his mistakes so we can conquer the pain/ 
And give all of his best friends all the strength to brave/

Had a Merry Xmas but I need a happy new year! 
Some more amazing shit to gimme happy new tears/ 
Half of you here, should be happy you here/ 
Cause for real, this could my last rap that you hear/

I should be enjoying every praise that you send/
Popping for a minute and maybe a few secs/ 
Instead! I ask! won't say a send a dude prayers/ 
Lost some cool people now I'm nervous whose next/

S*** Now I'm nervous whose next/
I Lost some cool people now I'm nervous whose next/ 
F*** it who cares! 
Let's live in every moment like we know it one of us & have happy new year!!!


Hook (x2):
To everybody, have a happy new year!
Half of you here should be happy you here!
Lost some cool people now I'm nervous who next! 
F*** it who cares! have a happy new year!

Hook ending
(Have a) Happy new year! (x3)
Half of you here should be happy you here!!!

(have a) Happy new year! (x2)
Don't sleep!
All week!

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