Friday, 21 November 2014

FWS written by Reason produced by Instro

Guess I needa start talking all of that ign'ant s***! 
Empty words that can fill a club and make sisters dip/ 
Remix some kwaito s*** and invent a dance/ 
Kill a show make hella doe and say I'm best!/

I'm the best! Fuck em all!! Nigga I'm the best! 
Put us all one song I can Show u all can cause I'm stress/ 
- Bars I spit, mix them all with a ball of sense/
Pitch of thought and then a floss a bit/ 
All in all I make awesome s***/ 

Oh plus yes! Don't forget! I am on some global s***! 
Solo in the dojo I be practing my bolo kick/ 
Handling some corporate gigs/ touring in some foreign lands/ 
Next thing you know I'm on ya tv looking photo fresh!

My destiny is made of words Like Kojo is/
My flows got them lines shining like Omo does/ 
I'm fucking with some assholes no homo cuzz/ 
We at the top looking down like you don't know wha's up/

Got myself a Beamer/ need a bigger crib/ 
Got my daughter sneakers, bought my girl a whip/ 
see me when I scrrrrrr! Like I'm a Rambo flick! 
Ima blow the scene up in a little a bit/

F*** it! F*** it! I can do this s***!
Talk a little trash! Dumb it down a bit!
Seems I sounded a lil weaker cause I'm intricate/
I'm just hoping Pearl Thusi drop an isntagram! 

Where she Twerking! Twerking! Twerking! To dis s***!
Dropping! dropping! Dropping! Dropping!
So they know I'm big!!!

Twerking! TwerkingTwerking! To my s***!
Drop it! Drop it! Drop it! Pearl!
So they know I'm big!!!

Twerking! Twerking! like F*** a number 6!
Drop it! Drop it! Drop it! Pearl!

So they know I'm big!!!

Twerking! Twerking! Twerking! To my s***!
Drop it! Drop it! Drop it! Drop it!
So they know I'm big!!!


So they know I'm big!!

I'm F***in big!!

F***in BIg!!


  1. we know you the shit!! fuck a number six

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